Free Assessment of Carbon Footprint for the members of the GREEN ANGELS Community.

Within the framework of cooperation and mutual benefit, GREEN ANGELS offer free of charge the Assessment of Carbon Footprint service to the members of the Community.

The scientific team of GREENiT Environmental, which is a founding member of GREEN ANGELS Community, uses the most recognized methodologies and the most essay writing service reliable tools, calculates carbon emissions at every stage of the company’s operation and proposes a credible reduction and compensation plan.

Upon completion of the process, the member is certified according to the International Standard ISO 14064. The certification is carried out by the EUROCERT EUROPEAN INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY SA, which is an Independent Accredited Body for Inspection and Certification and an exclusive Partner of GREEN ANGELS Community.

Carbon footprint offsetting techniques are practices and interventions that companies can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the procedures and operations of each company.

These are practices relating to the management of greener technologies and products, as well as practices related to the rational environmental management of the processes implemented by a company.

In addition to the environmental and economic benefits, this enables companies to enhance their environmental profile and become more competitive in both Greek and International market.

The services include:

  • Calculation & Assessment of the company’s Carbon Footprint.
  • Compilation and delivery of an analytical Carbon Footprint report.
  • Certification of the Carbon Footprint report and methodology based on the International Standard ISO 14064.

All of the above services are included in the privilege package of the participation of the company in GREEN ANGELS Community. In order to make the calculations, it is necessary to recover and collect data from the company after cooperation.

The GREEN ANGELS Community is proud of this new heavy-duty bbq cover with solution-dyed reinforced fade-resistant fabric service, as it is an innovative and pioneering service that is free of charge to its members.