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PRIME Tanker & PRIME GAS are global providers of seaborne transportation for refined petroleum products, light chemicals, naphtha, LPG and ammonia along global shipping routes. The company was originally founded in 1999 and since then it has managed to grow substantially.

PRIME has established a reputation in the international shipping community for the highest standards of safety, performance, and reliability. PRIME places great emphasis in attracting and retaining qualified crew members for the proper operation and safety of the vessels and have been accredited with the ISO-9001 & ISO 14001 certificates. PRIME is also registered with Lloyds Register for its Safety, Quality, Environmental & Security Management Systems.



Environmental Policy & Actions Targeting the Environment:

The Company has implemented and maintain an Environmental Management System for safe and pollution-free operating practices complying with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001: 2004 and all relevant Legislation. The Company’s aim is to conserve and protect the environment from marine, atmospheric and other forms of pollution, including office-based waste, and to continuously improve its performance to achieve this aim.

The Company operates a Policy of Zero Incidents and Zero Spills to the sea and land. The responsibility for the Environmental Policy originates within the highest levels of Company Management, and extends to all Company employees according to their level of duties.


On the above context, Prime:

· Has identified the Environmental Aspects and has determined the Environmental Impacts related to its activities, products and services.

· Complies with Mandatory Rules and Regulations, also taking into account codes, guidelines and standards from Maritime Organizations.

· Sets and reviews Environmental Objectives and Targets through the Management Review procedure.

· Provides the Necessary Resources and assigns Responsibilities and Authority.

· Actively promotes Environmental Awareness by training and educating its employees.

· Operates its Office and Ships, taking into consideration the efficient use and Conservation of Energy and Materials.

· Ensures that Residual Wastes are disposed-of in a safe and responsible manner.

· Expects all Contractors that it employs to follow the Company’s Environmental Management Policy and monitors the said contractors accordingly.

· Verifies compliance through Physical Inspection, Operational Tests and Document Analysis.

· Has established Emergency Procedures to respond to emergency situations and accidents that can have an impact on the environment and regularly tests these procedures.

· Keeps-up with Current Environmental Issues and topics and develops measures to minimize risk to the environment.

· Supports and facilitates the distribution of knowledge developed in this field.